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Big Boulder is an opportunity to build awareness for your brand among key industry thought leaders in the social data space. We offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to suit your needs.

Each allows you to showcase your brand, products, and services where the top social data thought leaders, decision makers, and influencers network.


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Twitter is what's happening and what people are talking about, all around the world. From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, from big events to everyday interests. If it's happening anywhere, it's happening first on Twitter. Twitter is where the full story unfolds with all the live commentary.


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FullContact is the most powerful fully-connected contact management platform for professionals and enterprises who need to master their contacts and be awesome with people. FullContact’s cross-platform suite of Apps and APIs enhance contacts with 360-degree insights, while keeping them organized, in-sync, up-to-date, and safe.


Socialgist is an access point to the world's social media and online conversational data. We are uniquely to positioned to aggregate, organize, and provide managed access to this rich data with our enterprise-level APIs and streaming services. With over 550MN conversations processed daily across Reddit, Weibo, Tencent, video, blogs, message boards, reviews and many other sources, our clients are ensured global coverage.

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Dataminr is a service that creates real-time, actionable breaking news alerts from public social media activity. Our powerful algorithms instantly transform all publicly available Twitter data & other public datasets into actionable news alerts that enable security, operations, financial, & communications professionals around the world to be proactively alerted to must-know information as events unfold. Alerts are delivered via desktop applications and workflow-integrated notifications.

Roundtable Session: Thursday, 12:10 - 1:40p

Powering Crisis and Communications Strategies with Real-Time Alerts

If you knew about breaking news and viral stories before they hit the press, how would you use those insights to fuel your communications strategy? In this roundtable discussion Dataminr will provide an overview of its proprietary technology, now in use by more than 350 newsrooms around the world. We’ll provide examples of how breaking news alerts are being used by corporate and crisis communications teams around the globe to respond in real-time.

Session Leaders
Ted Bailey, Founder & CEO at Dataminr
Frances Cooperman, SVP, Marketing at Dataminr
Steven Schwartz, President, Commercial Markets at Dataminr
St Julien Hotel and Spa, Fandango

Galvanize is a 21st Century school for entrepreneurs, engineers, and data scientists. On eight campuses across the U.S., the energy, intellect and ambition of Galvanize students, members and alumni are at the heart of a learning community that promotes belonging, and that celebrates courage and growth. Our faculty and flexible blended-learning platform, combining part-time online education and in-person training, provide the most relevant and in-demand technical skills to anyone with the smarts, drive and grit to re-skill, up-skill and define success on their terms. Our members include first-time entrepreneurs, growing startups, and Fortune 1000 companies all looking to level-up. Become a member or enroll in an immersive course by visiting the Galvanize website. Follow us: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Roundtable Session: Thursday, 12:10 - 1:40p

AI/Machine Learning Is Taking Over the World: How To Win and Not Get Shredded

We are in the midst of the very beginnings of a new industrial revolution — the Cognitive Revolution. Technology teams and companies that understand the power and opportunity of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and build their organizations around it, will survive and win. Those who don’t, are predicted to get shredded. In this session, we will discuss opportunities unlock a company’s ML/ AI capabilities to drive business value, reviewing strategies on how to be a data-driven organization in this new era. We will offer a framework and tools so that you and your team can avoid common mistakes and be in a better position to adapt to the Cognitive Revolution.

Session Leaders
Nir Kaldero, Principal Data Scientist & Economist, Director of Data Science at GalvanizeU
Adam Richards, Principal Data Scientist, Managing Lead Instructor at Galvanize
Galvanize Boulder
1023 Walnut Steer
Boulder, CO 80302

Netra's mission is to help enterprise make sense of the tsunami of imagery. Consumers are generating and openly sharing billions of images each day on social channels - hidden in every image are nuggets of data (often not found in the text caption or social profile) that can reveal insights on your customers’ activities & interests, their brand preferences, key life events, and demographics of the poster and their tribe. Netra’s thesis is that consumers take pictures of what’s important to them – and therefore this data should be critically valuable to marketers and advertisers for insight generation, new product / communications development, and targeting.

Netra’s technology enriches social imagery at the scale at which it is created - tagging billions of images each month and making it searchable & useful. Our solution is available through a Web Interface or API (to import into another Business Intelligence tool). Netra's customers include some of the largest brands, agencies and marketing platforms - who leverage our Visual Intelligence software to better understand their customers, and target them more efficiently / effectively.

Currently, Netra's solution can recognize Brands (1600+, adding 500 per month, at best-in-class accuracy), Context (4200+ objects & scenes, adding Hierarchy), and Humans (Age / Gender / Ethnicity classification) - all of which are critical for key advertising & marketing use cases. Our technology was developed based on research from MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and has 4 patents pending.

Netra is headquartered in Boston, and backed by prominent angel and venture funds. For more information visit, www.netra.io.

Roundtable Session: Thursday, 12:10 - 1:40p

Listening beyond Text - What Consumers Are Telling You Through Their Images

It’s a non-controversial fact: consumers are taking more photos & videos than ever before – and openly sharing them on social. Locked up within this torrent of imagery are valuable insights on consumers’ intent & interest, lifestyle, key events, and brand preferences. Yet to-date, virtually all social analytics have been focused on text. In this round table, we’ll delve into the following questions:

  • Why hasn’t image recognition been used broadly yet?
  • Is the technology mature / accurate enough yet?
  • Is it too expensive?
  • What types of things can you detect (logos, objects, scenes, faces, landmarks, emojis, memes)?
  • What are some specific use cases that prove out an ROI?
Session Leaders
Richard Lee, CEO at Netra
Marcus Widell, Head of Product / Ops at Netra
St Julien Hotel and Spa, Ballroom Lobby
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Bitly is used by businesses around the world to build stronger connections with their customers across every digital channel. Originally known for its world-leading link shortening service, Bitly now provides an enterprise-grade Link Management Platform that connects every component of the modern marketer’s software stack and every major integrated Marketing Cloud.


Converseon provides the human + artificial intelligence designed to fully unlock the value of social listening data across the enterprise for leading brands. Its core technology, Convey.AI, (provided in partnership with its pure-play SaaS sister company, Revealed Context), is a powerful machine learning-powered semantic technology was named Dataweek’s Top Innovator in Social Data Mining for “providing human level precision and the speed and scale that only software can provide.” Available through REST API, through an associated Conversus application and select ecosystem partners, it is designed to “start where basic listening platforms stop” for more advanced and rigorous data analysis.The firm has over a decade of experience in the space and was named Leader in Enterprise Social Listening, Forrester Wave Q1 2010; Strong Performer 2012, Strong Performer 2014 with best industry scores for its sentiment analysis, data processing and consulting (with a 5 out of 5 score).

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