2017 Agenda

Day One

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Yoga at the St Julien or Morning Walk / Run on the Boulder Creek Path


Welcome to Big Boulder 2017

Understanding Audiences

An interview with Kunal Merchant from Facebook

AI and Cognitive Solutions

An Interview with Beth T. Smith from IBM Watson

Morning Break

The Changing Interplay Between News, Government, and Society

An Interview with Deb Roy from MIT Media Lab

AI - Fad or Future?

Lux Narayan gives a Pecha Kucha talk on AI and social data

AI and Machine Learning in Social Data

Jonathan Farb from ListenFirst Media, Rob Key from Converseon, Joshua March from Conversocial, and Madeline Parra from Twizoo discuss the future AI and Machine Learning in social data


Powering Crisis and Communications Strategies with Real-Time Alerts

A roundtable discussion sponsored by Dataminr

AI/Machine Learning Is Taking Over the World: How To Win and Not Get Shredded

A roundtable discussion sponsored by Galvanize

Listening Beyond Text - What Consumers Are Telling You Through Their Images

A roundtable discussion sponsored by Netra

Bots in the Enterprise

An interview with Amir Shevat from Slack

Brands and Bots

An Interview with Robert Stephens, Founder of the Geek Squad

Social Data in Influencer Marketing

An interview with Devon Wijesinghe from Insightpool

Afternoon Break

An Inside Look at Twitter

An Interview with Joel Lunenfeld from Twitter

Making Decisions with Social Data

Gloria DeCoste from Nestle, Beverly Jackson from MGM International Resorts, and Brad Ruffkess from The Coca-Cola Company discuss brands and social data

Thoughts from Big Boulder

A Summary of Key Themes from Day 1



Day Two

Friday, June 2, 2017

Sunrise Hike at Chautauqua Park


Welcome to Day 2

The Instagram Platform

An interview with Vishal Shah from Instagram

The Role of Alternative Data in Finance

Pierce Crosby from StockTwits, Shaivali Shah from Morgan Stanley Research, and Matei Zatreanu from System2 discuss the intersection of finance and social data

Morning Break

Engaged Communities

An interview with Noam Cadouri from Reddit

Big Data for Big Good

An interview with Daniel Pedraza from UN Global Pulse

Government Use of Social Data

An interview with Andrew Hallman from the Central Intelligence Agency


Visual Intelligence

Richard Lee gives a Pecha Kucha talk on why 2017 will be the year of visual intelligence

Social Data and Social Justice

An interview with Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble from UCLA

Trends in Social Data

Ted Bailey from Dataminr, Hayes Davis from Union Metrics, and Giles Palmer from Brandwatch discuss industry trends and takeaways from Big Boulder 2017

Thoughts from Big Boulder

A Summary of Key Themes from 2017

Historical Walking Tour of Boulder