2016 Agenda

Day One

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yoga at the St Julien or Morning Walk / Run on the Boulder Creek Path


Welcome to Big Boulder 2016

Big Boulder Initiative board members discuss the ecosystem

Social Data and Customer Analytics

An interview with Neil Hoyne from Google

Social Data and Ad Blocking

Matt Asay from Adobe, Sean Blanchfield from PageFair and Larry Furr from Ghostery discuss the balance between impact and privacy

Morning Break

Innovation in Public Policy Analysis

An interview with Pedro Lenhard from FGV about social data and political analysis in Brazil

Social Data and Politics

Sean Evins from Twitter, Katherine Haenschen from Princeton University and Aaron Rodericks from National Research Council Canada discuss looking to November and the world beyond


Stop Doing Single Platform Analysis

Eric Bell from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory gives a Pecha Kucha talk on the value of conducting analysis across multiple social data sources

Bringing Social Analytics In-House

An interview with Mark Clarke and Shawn O'Neal from Unilever

Connecting with Customers

Jayadev Gopinath from Toyota and Kriti Kapoor from HP discuss how brands are using social data

Afternoon Break

Defend and Respect the User's Voice

An interview with Manas Mohapatra, Yoel Roth, and Jarred Taylor from Twitter

Social Data and Finance

Robert Passarella from Protege Partners, Sunayna Tuteja from TD Ameritrade and Brian Wright from Wells Fargo discuss financial institutions investing in social data

Social Listening 3.0

Jon Farb from ListenFirst Media gives a Pecha Kucha talk on the evolution of social listening

Thoughts from Big Boulder

A Summary of Key Themes from Day 1



Day Two

Friday, June 24, 2016

Sunrise Hike at Chautauqua Park


Welcome Day 2!

The Power of Live

An interview with Sara Haider from Periscope

The Evolution of Visual Social Media

Ethan Goodman from The Mars Agency and Glen Szczypka from The University of Chicago discuss visual listening and image recognition technology

Morning Break

Dark Social

Josh Schwartz from Chartbeat, Brewster Stanislaw from Simply Measured and Matt Thomson from Bitly discuss building your business around untrackable data

From Machine Learning to Deep Learning

An Interview with Elliot Turner from IBM Watson

Can Open Algorithms Lead to Better Data Ethics

Sean Gorman from Timbr.io gives a Pecha Kucha talk on exploring the link between open algorithms and data ethics

Algorithmic Accountability

Josh Kroll from CloudFlare and Alison Powell from London School of Economics and Political Science discuss how digital platforms are shaping our lives and our world


Building Digital Analytics Capabilities in the B2B World

Chuck Hemann from Intel gives a Pecha Kucha talk on building world-class digital analytics that include social data

Messaging in the World of Bots

An interview with Michael Roberts from Kik

The Future of Bots

Sam Mandel from betaworks and Chris Messina from Uber discuss the new opportunities created by bots

Thoughts from Big Boulder

A Summary of Key Themes from the Event

Historical Walking Tour of Boulder